Understanding a traveler

“…suddenly he stopped laughing, he paused and asked her: <<Why do you travel? What are you looking for?>> She felt exposed, she thought of all of the reasons why she loved to travel, all the people, all the places… she bit her lip and avoiding his stare, she answered : <<I don’t know. Nothing, I guess.>> Puzzled she smiled and pushed him away. They both started laughing…” 

There is a real difference between the reasons you start something and the reasons you keep on doing it.

For instance, if you still haven’t traveled I will tell you the one advice that I never forgot: “When you’re young, you have time but you don’t have money. Later, you will have money and you won’t have time. Travel while you’re young.” Motivation is everything, and knowing there is no later to take that trip you always wanted can help you pack your bag; it did it for me.

Now, why one keeps on travelling is harder to understand.

Be compassionate, there is a lot of pressure on a traveler. We must make the most of our time: act spontaneously, leave our comfort zone, discover the hidden traditions and stay far away from anything that will label us a tourist. There are rules and even quizzes to test how much of a real traveler you are. Nevertheless, between the urge of making a list or taking the first ticket to anywhere, we tend to believe travel is personal. There is no right or wrong way to do it.

Be patient, with every new place we go we have the opportunity to be whoever we want to be.  We leave our expectations at home and just explore and experience with limitless amount of energy and wonder everything that is around us. We choose to be genuine, fewer fears and no inhibitions; we have nothing to prove, and thus we live in the present. We feel connected to ourselves and the world around us.

Be thoughtful, you might think that once the trip is over we return to normal, but we need time look back and integrate what we experienced. In a life of contrast we need the bad to see the good, the fake to see the real, the pain to enjoy happiness; movement is only effective in reference to a still point.

In the end, no matter what reasons, there is something in our bones that keeps us going, exploring, living… what I can say is that traveling is something you feel you need to do.

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
― Henry Miller

How do you understand your fellow traveler?

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